Beach Clean-Up Services

At the opening of the swimming season (between May and September) in the summer months, cleaning services on public beaches along the Marmara Sea and Black Sea coasts of Istanbul are being provided by the teams of the directorate. We provide beach cleaning equipments, beach cleaning machines and moss cleaning vehicles as part of our services.

Collection of Wastes from Ships

Within the scope of the Waste Collection From Sea Vessels and Waste Control Regulations, the wastes of the signatories of the Waste Collection Protocol such as the seaports, marinas, fishermen’s shelters, fishery cooperatives and other similar places are taken by our Directorate.

Waste Collection Services

In reference to the articles of collection, recycling and treatment of shipbased wastes in accordance with local and international contract provisions, a facility which was built in Haydarpaşa Port area was put into service in 2006 in order to provide such service within the borders of Istanbul.

The oil-derived wastes, e.g. bilge, slope, sludge, waste oil, dirty ballast, included in Annex I of the International MARPOL Convention are brought to Haydarpaşa Waste Reception Facility and pass through a series of physical and chemical processes. Our aim is to process petroleum and petroleum-derived products obtained as a result of treatment, and to use them as secondary fuel for the industry thereby contributing to the economy and the protection of the natural resources.

Dredging and Deepening Services

Dredging up of mud and deepening studies are carried out in Golden Horn and creeks of Istanbul by our Directorate.


Bosphorus Strait, the Sea of Marmara and Dardanelles Strait form the only waterway that separates continents of Asia and Europe.

Consequently, tens of thousands ships and tankers pass through Sea of Marmara and Bosphorus Strait in transit or non-transit manner year-long while naval vessels such as passenger ferries, fishing boats, private yachts also have an effect on the traffic along this waterway.

Wastes generated during cruising of naval vessels such as bilge, water in slop tanks, sludge, dirty ballast as well as domestic wastewater and solid waste, are present in these waters.

There are several regulations in order to prevent the pollution of seas in our Country, due to these wastes.

As is known, MARPOL 73/78 (The International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships) is the latest and most comprehensive international convention and our Country acceded to MARPOL 73/78 on June 24, 1990. The convention we acceded as a country includes six (6) Appendixes titled Appx-I, Appx-II, Appx-III, Appx-IV, Appx-V and Appx-VI.

Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning has bestowed the authority to monitor pollution and issue fines within Bosphorus and relevant naval borders to our Municipality.

In this context, our Directorate of Marine Services under Department of Environment Protection and Development fulfill this monitoring duty with 3 surveying boats, 1 sea plane, 5 drones and about 50 personnel, within the naval borders of Istanbul.

If the discharge of any kind of petroleum product, dirty ballast water, wastewater etc. is detected from a ship, relevant samples are taken and sent to lab. In the event that the samples are found to be polluted, necessary criminal action is taken.

Coastal  Clean-Up Services

We carry out the cleaning of wastes formed by various reasons along the public shores within the territory of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Coastal Clean-Up Service is carried out by 31 staff and 186 personnel serving under the directorate.

Sea Surface Clean-Up Services

Cleaning of the sea surface is carried out by eight (8) specially designed boats operated under the responsibility of our Directorate which are suitable for surface clean-up. Up to the past year, cleaning works with 13 boats named Broom, Octopus and Farash have been carried out with specially designed boats that are suitable for the nature of work, using 8 new technologies as of 2014

Blue Card System

The Blue Card system which is developed for small vessels, is an online ship waste tracking system via a magnetic card for the wastes of vessels independent of which flag it holds, and for the wastes received by waste reception facilities. In Istanbul waste reception services at fishing ports, marinas, similar coastal facilities and waste reception ships, are carried out by using blue card, which enables tracking of wastes. This system facilitates web-based online monitoring of quantity and types of ship generated wastes, dates of waste delivery, facilities where wastes are delivered and any other relevant information.

The “Waste Transfer Form” and “Blue Card” inspections belonging to the vessels mentioned above are carried out by our maritime pollution control teams within the Istanbul maritime boundaries. Legal action is taken for vessels that failed to make waste declarations.

New Galata Bridge

New Galata Bridge, built on 17.06.1992, has an openable weighing machine system consisting of 4 wings, which are manufactured as steel construction providing gap of 80 meters. Two of these wings are located on the bases of Eminönü and the other two at Karaköy. When opening of the bridge is requested, a special hydraulic, electronic and mechanical parts enables the bridge to open at 84 degrees in 3.5 minutes, allowing the passage of large tonnage vessels.

Unkapani Ataturk Bridge

The Unkapanı Atatürk Bridge which was built in 1940 in Haliç Golden Horn, is opened to marine traffic once a week in summer and twice a week in winter, thereby closed to vehicles and pedestrian traffic on such period.

Trustee Port Service

Governorship of Istanbul Provincial Food, Agriculture and Livestock Directorate

Provincial Security Directorate – Marine Port Branch Directorate

Coast Guard Regional Command

IMM Constabulary Department (Zabita)

the vessels caught by legal procedures by the above-mentioned teams are taken to Trustee Port by arranging the Trustee Delivery Record.


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